Cow cheese without the cow.

Sustainable, Delicious, Healthy, Ethical, Lactose Free and Completely Animal Free.


 New Culture is focusing on producing casein, a protein that coagulates to give mozzarella cheese its stretchy texture."

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 In the lab, New Culture has crafted a super stretchy, believable version of mozzarella—the most consumed cheese in the U.S."

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 Some brands are taking research and development to unprecedented heights. Enter Silicon Valley-based food startup New Culture"

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 New Culture, another California startup, is also targeting dairy: It's using microbial fermentation to make casein"

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 We are taking these essential dairy proteins known as casein proteins, and sustainably producing them ourselves without the cow"

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 When the scientists put the microbes in a fermentation tank, they ferment sugar, turning it into dairy proteins."

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