Food/Dairy Scientist

At New Culture, we are making cow cheese without the cow. We are making cheese that is sustainable, healthy, ethical and indistinguishable from current dairy cheese in taste, texture and function. Using fermentation to produce dairy proteins, food science to combine those proteins with plant-based fats and sugars and traditional cheesemaking methods to make any cheese of choice, we are bringing about a new culture for the cheese industry.

We are a Bay-Area based, IndieBio alumni seed-stage start-up. We are looking for an experienced and motivated Food/Dairy Scientist to join us in our mission of producing animal-free dairy cheese. By being one of our early employees, you will have significant say and responsibility in determining the success and outcomes of New Culture. The ideal candidate will thrive in a fast-moving collaborative environment, and will have a deep understanding of novel food design and development spanning from small scale dairy protein functionality to large scale cheesemaking.

What will you be doing:

  • Take ownership in building a platform for the development and optimization of our animal-free dairy mozzarella cheese

  • Design and conduct analytical assays to measure key properties (structure, texture, rheology) of our cheeses from small to large scales 

  • Design and develop sensory tests and conduct frequent in-house cheese tastings

  • Design and conduct analytical assays to understand protein biochemistry of dairy proteins and cheesemaking

  • Research and source key ingredients and equipment for frequent iteration and optimization of our cheese

  • Understand and plan the regulatory landscape for bringing our cheese to market  

  • Participate in IP generation

  • Work closely with our DSP/ protein biochemistry team

What we expect from you:

  • PhD in Food/Dairy Science, or a PhD in Protein Biochemistry with food science experience, or a Msc with 3+ years of relevant industry experience

  • Experience with developing a novel food product

  • Hands-on experience with texture analysis, rheology and emulsification instruments and methods

  • Hands on experience with protein characterization methods (SDS-PAGE, native PAGE, protein quantification assays, DLS)

  • Experience developing and conducting sensory tests 

  • Strong understanding of food protein behaviour, functionality and emulsions

  • Ability to design, perform and troubleshoot experiments independently

  • Ability to deliver high-quality work under constraints of time and budget

  • Ability to work closely in a team of interdisciplinary and intercultural individuals

Even better if you had:

  • Dairy protein experience

  • FDA/Regulatory experience

  • Mozzarella cheese making experience

  • Plant-based formulations experience

  • Start-up experience

How to know you are a great fit:

  • You’re an avid learner, maker, doer

  • You’re a team player

  • You’re creative and resourceful

  • You’re kind, honest and empathetic

  • You work hard

  • You’re driven by company’s mission and hungry to make a difference

To apply for this position please send your C.V. and a Cover Letter to